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Received mine on Thursday Dance 4

Looks and sounds amazing. It was a breeze to set up and upscales to 4K. Just need a 4K TV now! My current set up with the Amp is as follows:

Front speakers Monitor Audio BR5's, Rear speakers Monitor Audio B1's, Centre Speaker Polk Audio TL2

Region B Blu Ray Sony BDP-S5000ES, Region A Blu Ray Pioneer BDP-LX53

Digital Service Virgin Media TIVO 1tb

TV Panasonic  TX-37LZ80


I did have a Pioneer VSXLX53 for the last 12 months, but it developed a fault where it kept losing and re-establishing the connectivity to my devices. I returned it to where I bought it from, Peter Tyson Online. They put it down to an incompatibility with my TV( I think because they couldn't find a fault themselves). They gave me a full refund credit note, even though it was 12 months old. Very impressed. I swapped it for the Onkyo and that is perfect. Impressed with the Onkyo and the quality of after sales service from Peter Tyson.

I'm looking to upgrade my TV and was thinking of the Samsung PS51d8000fuxxu which is a 51" beasty. Saw it in action playing Monsters vs Aliens in my local Costco and it was blow your socks off quality! Price around £850 inc VAT. Good choice? or is there better in your view in the price range?

BTW, I'm new. So Hi all.