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Onkyo NR515 v Denon 2113

I have just upgraded my TV to the Sony 46HX753, purchased a pair of 3D glasses and was looking forward to watching some 3D contect untill I realised my Denon 1910 amp is not compatable!

I was looking forward to this months mag as there was going to be a amp test but unfortunately that did not appear.

I have narrowed it down to a shortlist of two, the Onkyo and Denon and they will be used with B&W M-1 surround speakers.

Main uses will be blu rays and gaming via my PS3. I sometimes listen to music in this system and felt the denon 1910 could do better, even with the limitations of my set up.

Any ideas which to go for and any others I should consider?

I will be upgrading my HDMI cable and was thinking about the wireworld chroma.