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New reciever needed what one

Hi need some advice my yamaha dspa5 has finally given up on me after 10 years. I need to buy a new receiver. I currently have 5 b&w m1s a velodyne mini sub and a Sony bd360 blu ray player. What amp should I get. I use the set up 50/50 for music and movies IPod connection a must. I don't want to spend a fortune a tight budget is a must. Any views ideas would be great many thanks.

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RE: New reciever needed what one

I would go for a Pioneer receiver. I have a VSX2020. All pioneer Amps come with a special Ipod lead which will let you connect your device up. All song/ details are displayed on the tv which is cool.


My amp was around £700 put there are cheaper models there are a few models priced £270 - £300


Check out Peter Tyson on the web just Google them they are very helpful and fast del.



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