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New AV Reciever advice

Hello all :wave: , I'm looking for some advice on purchasing a replacement AV receiver for my current set-up due to issues with the receiver.

What I've got now;

Onkyo TX-SR606 AV Receiver (approx 3 years old)

Sky HD box - connected to Cbl/Sat HDMI input

PS3 - connected to Game/TV HDMI input

Panasonic Blu Ray - connected to DVD HDMI input (reciever bought due to no on-board audio)

Panasonic 42" Plasma - connected to HDMI out

Jamo a102 5.1 speaker system


Current Issues:

The Cbl/Sat (Sky box) works first time, every time. Never had any issues with Audio/Video.

My PS3 and DVD have gradually got to the point where I will get no Audio/Video at all through the Receiver. Initially after about 5 mins (as though a warm up period, the PS3 would work through the receiver. Though this has now extended to sometimes after an hour..... or not at all)


The PS3 works with no issues if connected directly to the TV but this defeats the purpose of the receiver :mad: 


I have searched the net and found that a lot of people have had very similar issues due to blown capacitors (which I'm assuming is also my issue here)



I have decided to take the plunge and replace my receiver as continuing with this defeats the purpose of having a system that I cannot use to it's full potential (only sky box connected now to the receiver)


I am unfortunately still going to be working on a tight budget so £500 max will be available to obtain a replacement (although if a recommended cheaper replacement is available that would be great).  :boohoo:


My preference would be to avoid Onkyo at all costs after some of the results from searches for my issue above.


Could anyone give any guidance/advice on a quality (on a budget :help: ) replacement.


Thanks in advance for any advice given.   Smile