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multi zone receiver help

Hi, newby here in need of help.

We have four in ceiling speakers in our living room with four jacks in the wall and four in ceiling speakers on the landing (large american house with large landing/rec room) with four jacks in the wall. They were here when we moved in. We would like to be able to play music through both sets of speakers at the same time probably from an ipad or streaming from itunes. We would also like to be able to connect the tv in the living room to the receiver to play that through the speakers and maybe get a centre and sub in the future. I knw in ceiling speakers aren't great for surround sound but we're ok with that. what exactly do we need? Is it possibe to get some kind of wireless device to connect to a receiver downstairs to play the music upstairs in zone 2? I've been reading around on the subject but its quite complex and I'm gettin confused. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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RE: multi zone receiver help

so if I am reading this right you have a living room with wall plates to connect 4 speakers and you have a rec room that is downstairs that is also set up with 4 speakers?  Have you found a solution yet?


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RE: multi zone receiver help


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