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help....? Marantz NR1402 or Onkyo TX NR515?

Looking for an AV thats good with Music.

anyone help me in anywhere

Thansk in advance

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RE: help....? Marantz NR1402 or Onkyo TX NR515?

I have Marantz Pm6004 And Onkyo TX NR616, For me marantz are warm sounding and the sound from mine isnt exciting  at all, and the Onkyo has a good balance in the highs on the mids and lows but i often find it not accurate enough and the highs not impressive enough and somewhat boring... and it brings fatigue while listening to it... it has a wide sound stage which sounds hollow to me, and it gives more of a cinematic sound and cannot be comapre to what a 2 channel or 2.1 music system could give , when i first got the TX NR616 i found it to sound good but then days after i found myself tweaking, calibrating it, and switching back and forth on the features just to get the right combination in sound, but never achieve the balance i was looking for... i have had the Onkyo TX NR616 for 3 months and i barely got the Marantz which is a bit warm and dull on the highs, but the marantz isn't exiting sounding and it doesn't impress me at all but it is accurate detailed it has that ability to inspire you but not fully... im thinking on getting a Dac for it that might bring the sound i'm looking for which is, warm, detailed, with clean clear highs and best of all which gives me that excitement and inspiration back, which music suppose to give... 


i know that the Onkyo TX NR616 is different from the TX NR515 but i dont think the sound quality would be any different, an as for ther marantz i've tested a couple of them some ranging from around $1600 and the sound it's pretty much the same, Warm That is, maybe on their high end products this will not be the case... Good luck! 



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RE: help....? Marantz NR1402 or Onkyo TX NR515?

:cheers: Thanks for the reply. Helped a lot

:cheers: :read:

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