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Denon difficulties

I have a Denon AVR 1910, an HDMI output from which goes into my 32" LG LD790 TV. I also have an input from the telly by way of optical cable into the receiver to put my TV sound through it. My speakers are the Jamo A102HCS5s. I have two problems. First, I often see a delay between the (freeview and Freeview HD) pictures and the sound which plays through the receiver. It happens fairly infrequently but at its worst the TV is rendered unwatchable. I've read about threading a separate DAC into the mix to cure this, but do I really need to buy more gear? Secondly, I can't seem in surround sound modes to stop the music and special effects overpowering the dialogue. Adjusting speaker volumes doesn't work because the latter just arrive with so much more power. I know that Audysey dynamic volume does the trick, but it also does something weird to suppress the offending background sounds. Is there any other way of sorting this?