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Denon AVR2113 and Dali Zensor 5 5.1 package

Hi all,


Just want to get some ideas on whether the following is good value for money, and if anyone on here has either of the items in question, what are they like?


I have been offered the Denon AVR2113 with the Dali Zensor 5 5.1 speaker package for £1,450 (and a free cable kit worth about £150) - this includes delivery as well.


Would you say this is a good deal?  Are the speakers and amp a good combo etc?  The cheapest i have found the Zensor's for is arond the £1,299 mark, so this would effectively make the amp only £150.

I am just a little worried that spending the best part of £1,500 might be a bit too much?  I was also offered the same amp with some Tannoy HTS101's for £780 or the same amp with Q2000i's for £980.


Thanks in advance