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AV amp upgrade

Hi - could anyone tell me if my system would benefit from replacing a Yamaha DSP-AX463 with a Yamaha RX-V671?


It's a modest system of a Rotel RCD-06SE CD player and Dynaudio 42's on Atacama stands with Chord Carnival Silverscreen cable.


I listen mainly to Electronica and Jazz. Whilst I'm happy with the current set-up, there's this nagging feeling that I'm letting the system down with this DSP amp, and that I'd see sonic benefits with the much newer RX. It's a £200 upgrade.


Anyone know which way I should jump? Ta!






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RE: AV amp upgrade

Since having taken in a AV receiver in p/x for some money owed I've looked into the technical aspects of this sort of amplification in more detail.

There are receivers that go back years which are better built and have more solid power supplies. - Fairly frequently, build and component quality seems to have suffered in the ever present race to offer more gadgets and the newest decoding.

If stereo replay is most important you may find that a good condition, higher grade but older receiver will give you more than a new model. I am no expert but I wouldn't expect much difference in amplification for £200 difference. A few watts, usually measured in some rather obscure way at best.

Of what I've seen its around the £1000 - £1200 mark for new receivers where you can expect better build/components.


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