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A/V amp budget advice please

Hi I would like to get my home cinema kit up and running again as I am moving home and can play at decent volumes again without alienating the neighbours. Existing kit is Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 2 speaker package, and the room it will be going in has a high ceiling and is really mezzanine area so very open. Only used for movies, hifi is downstairs, and it would be good to control it from an itouch Had budgeted for the Onkyo 609 and velodyne subwoofer which can be had for about £800, but am being told that I would be better with a Yamaha RXA810 and getting the subwoofer later, as the Yamaha  is much more powerful. Looking at the specs the Onkyo has a bit more power, but I accept such data can be misleading. Is the Yamaha really worth the  £300 more? If so, should I be considering others, as i understand the Yamaha is great for music but maybe others are better at movies. Eg Denon AVR2312 or the Pioneer VSX-lx55 which can be had for my £800 budget. Thanks in advance.