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Audioset 400 euro, Samsung, Onkyo, Sony, I'm getting lost!


I'm looking for a new audioset (receiver + speakers), but the more reviews I read the more difficult it becomes to make my choice. I have looked for audiosets between 300-400 euro (except for the Samsung ht-d6750w, which is 634 euro, but is that extra money worth it?).

* the speakers will be placed in a square of 4.5 x 4.5 meter
* I don't need many inputs, just my HTPC using HDMI and TV decoder (now SP/DIF, perhaps HDMI when I switch to a new decoder). Which reminds me that I probably need a receiver that can delay the sound.
* I don't have a bluray player yet, so a built-in would be handy but otherwise I can buy a standalone one or build one in the HTPC.
* I quite like the fm radio / internet radio option (without having to startup the HTPC)
* Not sure if the tall speakers make any difference in my living room. They sure look great!

The feature list of all the receivers below look more or less the same to me, but what about the quality? I'm getting pretty much lost, so can any one give me some advise?

Samsung HT-D5500 - 276 euro - (usb, bluray player, internet)
Samsung HT-D5550 - 437 euro - (tall speakers, usb, bluray player)
Samsung ht-d6750w - 634 euro - (tall speakers, usb, bluray player, internet)

Onkyo HT-S3305 - 279 euro - (fm radio, no bluray player, no internet)
Onkyo HT-S5405BL - 333 euro - (usb, no bluray player, no internet)

Sony BDV-E380 - 293 euro - (fm radio, bluray player, usb, internet)
Sony BDV-E880 - 369 euro

LG HX751 - 398 euro (bluray player, fm tuner)

* any other suggestions?

Thanks a lot!