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Argh !

Wasn't quite sure as to where to post this sort of problem tbh....


I have the Samsung tv as in my info... and a virgin media box (an up to date one)

along side the Sony blu-ray player mentioned

and the Yamaha 673 amp.


What is doing my head in is this.... they all have hdmi... what is the better way to attach em ?   (please... I tend to have mood-swings and such and although i do try to keep em in focus, sometimes it eludes my rational, sad to say... due to the heavy pain-killers that I have to take....:(    )


Please, any help will be most welcome ?    (well sorry for any 'bitching' that I have said, wasn't really meant as such)

Plz help   Smile



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If you mean the Yamaha

If you mean the Yamaha RX-V673 amp, it's got HDMI switching so just run HDMI leads from your TiVo box and BluRay player into HDMI inputs 1 and 2 respectively on the back of the amp and then one HDMI cable into 'input 1' on your samsung TV.

The 'audio input' setting on both those HDMI inputs should be set to 'hdmi' by default on the amp, but check this in the settings menu if you have any problems.

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Plug the HDMI Out on the Amp

A differing opinion here... Smile
Plug the HDMI Out on the Amp in to HDMI 2 on your (our Wink ) TV, follow this guide to make sure Audio Return Channel is enabled on the amp.


Plug your Virgin Box in to HDMI 1 on the TV, as the TV will default to this when you switch the TV on.

Plug your BR in to HDMI 3 on the TV.

This will allow all sources to be used with or without the amplifier. When ARC is being used (i.e. amp is on) your TV speakers should automatically disable. When Amp is off, TV speakers will kick back in. (in theory)

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RE: Plug the HDMI Out on the Amp

Listen to a source without the amplifier?

What heresy is this you speak off???

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