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Amp/Speaker combo - please help my newby friend

Hi All,

A friend of mine is ready for her first foray into 'proper' home cinema.

Her current home cinema in a box has packed in and she is looking at an amp and speaker package combo. Unfortunately we don't have any local demo facilities where we are so I was hoping you could help with the decision between these two options that are being considered:

1) Denon 1713 amp with Tannoy HTS 101 speaker package or
2) Yamaha RXV673 amp with the Q Accoustics Q2001i speaker package.

Also, her speaker cable is under her laminated floor and she doesn't really want to fetch it up. How badly will the 'Happy Shopper' cable that was probably provided with her DVD home cinema system impare the performance of either of these?

Thanks in advance for any comments or opinions provided.