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I am in need of replacing my old Technics SU-V40 amp, (you can tell that i've been out of the game for a while), as i need something to cater for playing Cd's,iPhone and DVD for home cinema, but generally bringing me upto date.

After reading several reviews and considering budget i decided on the Onkyo TXNR515.

When i recently walked into the sound & vision shop, the assisstant persuaded me not to look at the Onkyo, but look at the Yamaha RXA1010 and the Denon AVR1713, as these would cater better for my needs. although i liked what he was saying, i walked away confused and without a new amp, as i wanted to think about the info ha had given me.

After a while i wondered if these were old models they were trying to shift of the shelves or was the assistant giving me sound advice?


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RE: Amps



i have pretty limited knowledge so im sure someone will be along soon with more info but the 1713 is from the new denon range and I am also looking at this amp. It has airplay and network connectivity which is great. Im not sure about the other yamaha one although i think its a fairly decent one- someone on here said the yamaha 1010 was a good amp and i presume they mean this one.


Are you looking just for a stero amp or for an AV amp? ive been advised that yamaha are better for music and denon are just as good (but not better) than yamaha for 5.1 cinema. With cinema its all about sound movement and the transition. With music, its all about clarity and if an amp sounds good with music, it will sound good in a 5.1 setup.


not sure if any of what i said helps really!

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RE: Amps


Thanks for your reply, if budget wasn't an issue i guess i would have one for music and one for Film, but as i am restricted and my wife doesnt want me to spend too much money, i need to get somthing that can cater for both and will need to compromise on sound quality with either music or film.

I like the comment you made that a good stero amp will  be as good for 5:1 and i think that might sway me, but then the comments you make about the extras on the Denon seem appealing as well and that could be a good compromise.

The more reviews i seem to read, the more the decision becomes difficult!!

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RE: Amps

hi Liberator :bounce:

Im in the exactly same boat as you :wall:

I want a AV Receiver that good with music and good with cinema

Now i do have a budget of about £300

Ive been looking at Marantz NR 1402 - which is known to be fantastic with music,  if u read up on reviews you will see

But ive also been looking at Onkyo TX-NR515 - Everywhere i read reviews is saying its very good, but then i dont know if it is going to how i good i catually want it to be. I have an aRcam A7 and its blood good with music....

Marantz NR1402 has Audio Preouts, So just say i have the Marantz i could preout the front 2 speaker in to my ARcam, so the quaility will be as good how it used to be with arcam.

NOW Im debating on whether to get marantz, check how good the quality if im happy leave it and use it for music and cinema....or just pre out it to arcam

OR... get the TXNr515 and get it done with, (BUt i dont know how good it will be? that why i havent got it yet)

But no AV receiver will match arcams level. as cinema receiver are not designed for music really.

also theres a couple of yamahas that are good as well like RXV675

let me know what you choose :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

I will also let u kno if i pick anything soon!


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RE: Amps

Hi iHarpZz,

Glad i'm not the only one!

My budget is £500, and the last 24hr ive been leaning towards the Dennon AVR1713 at £399.

I did read a review regarding the Onkyo and they had taken it back to the shop after a week for a fault with the USB, but they didnt seem to want to resolve the problem so he asked for his money back, so this review put me of the Onkyo.

I read a German review on the Denon last night, more or les claiming for the money its the best thing since sliced bread.

Although i'm not very techno i do like the idea of airplay as well, but Yamaha RXA1010 doesnt come with this, but i did read that new models with airplay are due out in October but these will probably be above my budget. but am tempted to wait and see what the reviews are like.

I sit here listening to cd and Think i'm on the verge of going back to the drawing board and looking at music amps like the Marantz.

As this new amp will have to give me long service, i need to decide wisely!!

Will let you know what i decision is.



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RE: Amps

If ur looking for Av amp that will do music & movie go for marantz. Look for second hand or ex demo/display. You get a good one for around £500

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