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10 year old Yamaha upgrade... Confused!

I've been looking over the last few weeks and have a budget of £700 max.


I have silver rx 6's and centre with a quad sub. Plus kef surrounds - that will be upgraded to rxfx in due course. I use a totally separate system for audio with pre/power. That system has the front pre out from the av receiver to drive the main speakers when using for surround use.


Ive been looking at;

Yamaha - v771, a820

Pioneer 2021

Onkyo 709/809

Every time I speak to someone I get different views! I'm veering toward the 809 as its £300 off at Sevenoaks ATM. I'm a little concerned with the failure rates of onkyo though. I've read multiple threads about doa and smoking units. 


Any thoughts would be welcomed.