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Some rules for some some rules for others

I got a severe Telling off Last time I posted a RIP thread.  I got so browned of i did not read the forum for about a month


Why  dose  there seem to be  different strokes for Different Folks. 



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It may be worth re-reading

It may be worth re-reading that thread with a clearer point of veiw now you have been a way a while Smile 

None of that was directed at you, there is nothing wrong with posting an obit thread to someone that meant something to you, all the rubbish posts were directed at our serial RIP poster. Oh, and if you think that thread was bad, you should check the Paul Walker and Steve Jobs threads! You start to see the worst in intenet folks when they start trying to weigh up the worth of one person against another...

Its a weird feeling when someone you care about but have never met passes.

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Don't worry, be happy!  

Don't worry, be happy!  Yahoo

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