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scratched tv

Hi all


 I have a Panasonic lcd tv from john lewis which is about 4 years old.

The tv had a problem where it would take a couple of attempts to switch on.So i called john lewis and arranged a repair man to come out, but he came a few days early when my wife was in after phoning her, she explained the tv was wall mounted but he said not a problem. When i arrived home from work he had been and gone. He had fixed problem but had scratched my wall, left tv crooked not tighted bracket up, trapped a live cable but worst he rested the tv on my blueray player and apple tv on a glass shelf below and in the procces scrathed the tv speaker and surrounding plastic.


i contacted JL straight away and they were very soory for damage and asked for pics which i emailed. They have offered me compensation of £25.  What should i really expect bearing in mind i keep all my electronic products in mint condition.




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RE: Auntie Angelina's Problem Corner

If they have admitted their fault - great ! Try to get an estimate for repairs or replacement of damaged surfaces and ask for full amount. Dependant on actaul damage I would expect them to repair or replace

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