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RE: My bristles are dropping out!

Have a look on http://www.theenglishshavingcompany.com I've always found the Edwin Jagger stuff OK. 

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RE: My bristles are dropping out!

CnoEvil wrote:

bigboss wrote:
I suspect even I have the same "award winning" shaving brush I bought from Boots last year. :roll: The ones with natural bristles are superior.

Yup, it came from Boots......but my wife told me it was expensive.....probably so I would feel superior and wouldn't moan. 

So I think I have my answer - 

7. It is a load of cheap sh*te.

Agreed. The quality is disappointing, although I mainly use my electric shaver. I wish mine ends up a similar fate as yours, so I can buy a proper one!

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RE: My bristles are dropping out!

BB & EOT - thx for the suggestions......I suppose you can't beat a bit of quality badger hair.  :shifty:

"We should no more let numbers define audio quality than we should let chemical analysis be the arbiter of fine wines."  Nelson Pass


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