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Lightning docks?

How long do you think we'll have to wait for some decent lightning docks? CES 2013? Or maybe docks will just die to be replaced by Airplay speakers with no cradle?

I have my shiny new iPhone, and want to invest in some audio hardware for secondary rooms that will compliment it nicely. Zep Air I'm thinking, rCube I'm thinking, but then, incompatible docks I'm thinking. I know I can just buy the adaptor, but if I'm spending £300-£400 on a speaker in a box, I want to feel like it is perfectly, natively, intuitively and made-in-heavenly- designed expressly for me and my phone. The thought of an adaptor, just like the word dongle, immediately smacks of patching up, making do, working around. If I'm buying new, that's not a route I fancy. I just don't want any part of what I buy to be useless, even if it is just the old dock, and I would probably have stuck mostly with airplay anyway.

So where are the lightning docks? Does anyone know if there are any in the pipeline, or will it be spring next year at the earliest before the likes of Arcam and B^W respond to Apple's shift?