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iTunes content, how to handle?

Can anyone help educate me with a brief idiot's guide to buying content from iTunes? I haven't done it before because I get my music on CD still, but there's a TV series on there I'd like to buy. I'm cautious because I know that Apple love to tie you down to specific areas and restrict the flow of media, and the only Apple product I own is my iPhone.

I've read up on HomeSharing etc, but am still a bit confused by it all.

If I bought the series through iTunes on my phone, I wouldn't be able to store it there due to capacity, so would I therefore be better off buying it through the laptop? what if the rest of my household wanted to access and watch episodes independently of me. I know for music, Apple doesn't play nicely with NASs, so I'm guessing the same is true for TV content?

Can I purchase content on the phone but leave it in the cloud for me and others in my house to stream, or do I need to download it, and if so, what's the best methodology for making sure others in my house can watch too?

Would an Apple TV be a good option here?

I'm sure this is rank simplicity itself, so apologies for my ignorance.


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RE: iTunes content, how to handle?

A few questions but I'll try to answer each.


If you buy Tv/Movies from iTunes then unless you do something to get rid of the DRM (illegal) then you will only be able to watch it on either the computer you bought it on (or another authorised computer), or an iDevice and/or Apple TV. 

If you try to buy a TV show on your iPhone but there isn't capacity then it simply won't download it.  Therefore I would suggest purchasing it from your computer.  You can then download each episode to your iPhone either from the "Cloud" or from your computer.  Any Tv show, music or movie, or app is available to all devices which use the same iTunes account.

The Apple Tv is obviously a good way of being able to watch on the big screen.  That too will download iTunes bought content from the Cloud, or you could homeshare it from the computer (provided the computer is turned on and homesharing is active). 

I have all my iTunes media on a Synology NAS and own Macs and they all work together just fine. 

Hope this helps.


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RE: iTunes content, how to handle?

Twill, there are many supert pages in iTunes, enough to stop you looking all together, I would say to start with watch a few you tube videos, much easier for a beginner to follow.

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