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RE: iPhone 5 RE: iPhone 5

Paul. wrote:

I caved.  It's my birthday today so I treated myself to a 5 Smile  

At the risk of sounding cheeky, what you doing with your old iphone. Mrs J has an old 3G which holds charge for about 20 minutes so I was thinking of getting her a second hand 4 but don't fancy entering into the unknown world of ebay/gumtree and getting japped with a phone that gets blocked a week after it arrives! Tell me to b****r off or let me know if we can maybe work something out Smile

On a separate note, my son has just got a 5 after having various Blackberries and is mightily impressed with it. Not only that but the people he got it through gave a pretty good deal (unlimited calls/text and 1GB data = £36 with free phone) AND have a referral system (£20 per referral) and he's already up to £60!


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