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RE: iPhone 4 Case

Pretty annoying when a product performs like that, either the manufacturer has done *no* testing or is intentionally selling products 'not fit for purpose'. The new case looked extremely good, let us know how you get on. 

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RE: iPhone 4 Case

Weird one though, as many people seem to rate it, so not sure if it's a one-off or people just don't notice it (I know quite a few people who rarely if ever actually use the iPhone as a phone!). Seems to be because the cover covers the whole top of the phone i.e. it's only the screen which isn't covered by it, and guy in Apple store says this can stop the proximity sensor from working.

Anyhoo, it only cost £7 or something, so it's not the end of the world and it'll come in useful if either of us is ever in a scenario where we need a rugged case (which it certainly is) without needing to actually speak to someone!


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RE: iPhone 4 Case

mobile phone cases are always benefical for your iphone.when you are purchasing any case for your iphone choose the best one that can fit for your mobile.


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