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New iPad 3 Case Recommendation?


Just picked up a new iPad and am looking for a case.  My criteria are:

- slim and unobtrusive

- covers back as well as front

- front cover is "foldable" like the official Apple smart cover

- turns off/on automatically with the magnets

- inbuilt keyboard NOT a requirement

- preferably leather, but anything "not-cheap" looking (rubberised can be ok)


Thanks all!



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RE: New iPad 3 Case Recommendation?

Try this


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RE: New iPad 3 Case Recommendation?

Best thing to do is go look at the reviews on YouTube,if you search I pad case reviews, you will find something that suits.

I just ordered the otter box defender,probably not the kind of thing your after but you will find something you like.


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RE: New iPad 3 Case Recommendation?


Otterbox defender for iPad 3 we also have

Bigger,heavier...obviously...but if you want the little ones to use it or travel/bung it in ruck sack etc then provides excellent protection all round and doesn't compromise sound or picture quality.small areas of "rainbow effect" may appear but this is just oil from fingers and easy to prevent.

Has a useful stand,tilted or upright but only in wide mode.


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