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RE: iPads 2, 4 and Air all pretty much the same!

Each to their own IMO the air is far more comfortable to use than the ipad 4.as for the shape I don't understand what people are going on about and as for the music I cannot comment as the sound is going through my Bluetooth wireless speakers.

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RE: iPads 2, 4 and Air all pretty much the same!

Owned 2 x iPad 2's and an iPad mini and the improvement of the iPad Air over the iPad 2 are massive, though saying that the iPad 2 still does everything the iPad Air does. I would not buy an iPad 2 new your better off spending that little extra to future proof with the A7 cpu.

I do prefer the size and weight of the ipad mini though,

The one thing i still do not like is iOS 7 its just not finished far to many bugs



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