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RE: Why do Apple keep the iPad 2

Also, the 2 is a mature product so margins will be massive.  Wouldn't mind betting they make more off of a 2 than they do off the Air, at least for a while until the new tooling etc is paid off.

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I'm not doing much for my

I'm not doing much for my argument here but you can get the same spec products wether it be tablets phones or pcs for sometimes a lot cheaper than you would pay for apple products.
But 99.9 percent just use our tech for general use and the look and feel of apple products are second to none.
If the iMac 27inch was £500,the ipad was £250 and the iPhone 5s was £25 per month it would wipe out everybody .....except the gamers who feel the beef to build their own pcs and upgrade graphics cards.

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RE: Ipad Air

Now available to buy:




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RE: Ipad Air

Although I'm sure the iPad air is great it's just another version, of a similar product, I think the Mac Pro will be the next big love / hate argument, between apple lovers and haters.

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RE: Ipad Air

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