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Blu-ray to i-tunes???

Hello All,

I will be the grateful recipient of an i-pad 2 this Christmas and was wondering how I would go about putting my blu-ray collection onto i-tunes?

Is there an Apple blu-ray drive or similar I can buy to enable me to do this?

My girlfriend has recently bought a Macbook Air and I had to enable her old PC to share the DVD drive.  I really don't want to go down this route (my laptop doesn't have a blu-ray drive so would be immaterial anyway)....any suggestions?



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RE: Blu-ray to i-tunes???

I use this external bluray drive with my mbp, is pretty good.  Can't comment on bluray ripping however, as I haven't done it.



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RE: Blu-ray to i-tunes???

Ripping Blu-rays in this way involves cracking the encryption/copy protection on the discs, and as such is currently not legal.

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