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What To Do?

I've been dithering over getting a new phone for ages.  Had decided on a HTC One X a while back and phoned Orange retentions but they offered me a worse deal than I could have gotten just by walking into the shop.  I've since realised that the One X doesn't have a removable battery or card slot.

That led me to the Samsung S3 which I never really looked at as I didn't really like the look of it.  It seems there isn't much between the S3 and One X.

The Nexus 4 has thrown a spanner in the works a bit but again no removable battery or card slot and only 16GB memory.

Should I just stop dithering and get a S3?

Is the S4 out any time soon? Either to get one or get an S3 more cheaply?

My current HTC Desire is on it very last legs so the issue is kind of being froced.

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RE: What To Do?

The S4 is not near.

An HTC One X+ might be worth considering with 64GB, larger battery and faster CPU & GPU than the One X.

Should be able to get one with 300mins/unlmt txt/500MB data for around £26/month,


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RE: What To Do?

Just ask for a PAC code from Orange, saying that you're moving to another network for a better deal. They will either put you to the "cancellations" (read that retentions) team or text you the PAC code. You will then get a call from them within the week offering you some excellent deals.

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RE: What To Do?

All the major android manufacturers will be launching new top of the range mobiles early in 2013.They will almost certainly have 1080p screens and more powerful quad core chips and better cameras.The first on the market is the Sony Yoga a 5 inch 1080p screens quad cord beast, the rest will follow suite later in 2013.The choice is yours both the S3 and the one x are great phones but they will be outdated in 2013 but even now they are very reasonably priced. One more thing to consider it's more than likely the 2013 mobiles will be 4g compatible so you should be able to switch over if you dont stay with EE

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