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What can I do with a tablet and is a PC necessary?

I'm considering a Nexus 7 as I usually use the net to browse the same handful of websites and send the occasional email.

The only things I otherwise use my PC for is to organise my music collection, which is no longer necessary as I intend to switch entirely to streaming, and to download the odd video file via uTorrent.

Are all of the above tasks possible with a tablet such as the Nexus 7? Can I transfer said videos files to a USB drive? I have used an iTouch so have some experience with the Apple method and iTunes. Will a PC still be necessary for syncing apps/files etc?

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RE: What can I do with a tablet and is a PC necessary?

Hi, most of the tasks you mention wil be a piece of cake with a tablet like the Google Nexus. The only thing that may be an issue is how much music you want to store on the tablet - typically you're limited to either 16 or 32GB although you can use 'cloud' aps like Dropbox etc to virtually store music, pics etc.

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