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Samsung Galaxy S2 - Google Nexus 5


Hi ive got a "samsung galaxy s2" on a 2-year contract and the contract comes to an end in a few days time. I like the "samsung galaxy s2" and was thinking of just getting a "SIM only deal" and sticking it in the "galaxy s2"

Or there again, there is a good deal on "google nexus 5" SIM only Nexus 5 16GB sim only deals & offers

| The Carphone Warehouse
£240 so what is best keep galaxy s2 or go for nexus 5

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RE: Samsung Galaxy S2 - Google Nexus 5

No need for a new SIM even. Just ask your phone provider for a new contract extension. Typically you get 500 minutes, unlimited text messgaes and hald a gig for less than a tenner a month.

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RE: Samsung Galaxy S2 - Google Nexus 5

Hi, I upgraded from the S3 to a Nexus 5 it's a brilliant phone. Non of the extra software Samsung seem to install, well made and very fast. Only issue is no removable storage, other than that go for it.

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RE: Samsung Galaxy S2 - Google Nexus 5

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I have just upgraded from an

I have just upgraded from an S2 to S3. £209 SIM-free on Amazon. It is way better than the S2 mainly as it is more powerful. 

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