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Portable DAC for HTC One



Can anyone recommend a portable DAC that is small enough that I can connect to my HTC One Smartphone. I am looking to improve the quality of sound from the HTC. My playlists are from Spotify.


kind regards

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RE: Portable DAC for HTC One

Check out the Astell Kern AK10, it seems amazing but you need USB OTG compatibility

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RE: Portable DAC for HTC One

I'm looking for the same for my S3, and considering a Hugo since this would also upgrade the home system too. Is there anything else cheaper as a portable DAC for a phone? I don't mind wired connections, but wanct a built in amp that's more powerful than the S3.

Sonos and some Beyer DT880s

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RE: Portable DAC for HTC One

Astrell and kern stuff tends to be pricey for what you get in my opinion. Have you considered the Fiio E18? it gets rave reviews from android users. 

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