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nexus 7 or samsung tab 2 10.1 ?

Hi everyone i need a bit of advice on a tablet purchase for my wife for christmas . The nexus 7 32gb for £199 or the samsung tab 2 10.1 for £299 but only £238 at tesco with £50 cashback so will work out at only £188 . I know the nexus won whf product of the year up to £300 but im not sure on the 7inch screen . It will mainly be used for internet at home and games etc when she at work . Not sure if she would prefer lugging around a big tablet. But as they work out same price it seems a good deal on the samsung ? Whats your opinion ?

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RE: nexus 7 or samsung tab 2 10.1 ?

Mrs JD likes having the 10" at home and I like taking the 7" to work.

As it were.

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RE: nexus 7 or samsung tab 2 10.1 ?

I'd probably take the quad-core with the Nexus 7.

Tough call though, the Tab has a microSD slot.


For the money I dont think you can go wrong with either. I'd suggest trying them in your hand to see what size suits best.



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