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HTC Sense 4.1 leaked

If you like modding your HTC One X, then roms with the new version of Sense 4.1 (RUU 2.15.401.5) are now available from the XDA website.


- Live wallpaper lag has been fixed.

- Dedicated button for switching between front and rear cameras.

- Dedicated button to switch tabs in browser.

- Removal of 3d-effects in launcher leading to completely lag-free experience.

- Ability to remap recents apps button and remove the 3dot menu bar.

- Much faster kernel (eg Quadrand scores go up from 5100 to 5900).

- Fixes for wifi-dropping/weak signal

- Much improved battery life (5+ hours of screen on, compared to 3+ on Sense 4.0)

And remember the hox is also due to get a further update in a few weeks time with Jellybean (Android 4.1)
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RE: HTC Sense 4.1 leaked

Just got HTC Sense 4.1 and Android 4.0.4 on my HTC One X. Cant really see any differnce. Perhaps battery life is better, but that has never been a problem for me.

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RE: HTC Sense 4.1 leaked

Yup. Running Android revolution here.Battery life is excellent. (Now at around 50% after 24 hours (normal usage ie about an hour screen on, wifi on, auto light, 3 or 4 calls, some texting, browsing at lunch etc)

Not noticed the live wallpaper thing as it's a pointless battery drainer.



Weirdly I'm running Jellybean (CM10) on my old Desire HD (which I use as a media player and Squeezebox receiver). I get 4 days plus out of that now. Smile



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