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7" Google Android Mid Tablets

Smile Lots of these on eBay for less than £50.00. Any thoughts welcomed as I see they are Android 2.2 but have a larger screen than Kindle. They look a bargain so probably aren't!

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RE: 7" Google Android Mid Tablets

Not the bargain you might think, colleague bought a no-name model for around £100. It's rubbish, doesn't even have a multi-touch screen, he's now got an HTC Wildfire S phone and uses that in preference, despite the tiny screen, it's just more useful.

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RE: 7" Google Android Mid Tablets

HP (Palm) Touchpads were the bargain of the centry, they were all sold off for £90 brand new.  They are now selling for sub £200 (unopened boxes) on eBay.  If you just want a browser/content reader and dont mind the lack of apps, they are fantastic bits o kit.

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RE: 7" Google Android Mid Tablets

Thanks for the advice, think I'll keep the money then....  :cheers:

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