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Which headphones?

I've been looking around for some new headphones for a few weeks now and I cant decide on what to get


Budget: Around £100, £150 MAX

They'll mainly be used for at home and then when I take them to uni to use there with their computers (I'm doing a degree in music technology)

I have never owned a pair of expensive headphones so I have nothing to compare any of these to, I'm just going on reviews and what I hear here on the internet

So I'm looking for something that's going to be easy portable and durable, mainly.

I also cannot decide whether to go for open or closed. Closed seems to be the better option for what I am needing as I will be using them at university around other people.

So far I've been looking at:


Sennheiser HD 380 pro - £100

Audio-Technica ATH M50 - £110

Shure SRH840 - £130



Sennheiser HD595 - £120

Grado SR80I - £108


From what I have seen all of these are great headphones. At the moment I'm mainly tied between the ATH M50s and the HD 380 pros (mainly due to them being closed and the portability) 


Any help will be much appreciated


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RE: Accessories


Welcome to the forums!

There's a dedicated headphone thread here: http://www.whathifi.com/forum/hi-fi/headphones-etc where you could discuss and read about others with the passion for headphone hifi heaven.



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