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Which HDMI lead??

I have a Panasonic TX26LMD70A, and a Pioneer DVR 550HX S on its way...

Now all I need to do is to connect the 2 with a decent HDMI to HDMI cable...

This set up is not a permanent, as I will soon be moving, and investing in a significantly bigger TV, so I'm open to suggestions on cables!

Money isn't too much of an issue, but I'm not sure I can justify spending over £60 on a cable for what effectively is going to be a 'bedroom' setup for the next couple of months!!

Thanks in anticipation



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Re: Which HDMI lead??

Unless you need a really long cable, get a well made cheap cable - despite what you may read, with the signal in the digital domain all the way through, there really is no difference between them

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