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Wasn't sure where to post this, but has anyone seen/used the  "Roomie" App?


Long story short, Harmony 895 died, (tried redeye too - too much messing around) recently replaced with a 1100, then 2 days ago my 4 yr old decided to pour her juice on it.


I then came across this App £6.99 + £13.99 if you go for the Home theatre option (I.e more than 2 devices, more than 1 room), so £21ish all in.


If you don't have kit that's controlled via IP, then you can buy an Ethernet or wireless adaptor online, inc. shipping from the states which  is expensive, but if you have IP kit and don't need this, then this is a bargain.


With in 30mins, it had detected my BR/TV and TiVo, I had to manually add the AVR but no problem. I now have full control via my iPad or iPhone.


This includes, a TV guide that specific to my region, that you can select to look at synopsis and change the channel direct from there. You can also opt for a virtual remote, or picture of the actual remote for the device with live buttons. On the virtual remote there's feed back from the device, like dB level, input selected, DSP programe etc?


A truly awesome piece of software and if you have IP controllable kit an easy solution.