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optical cable questions.

Being an avid convert to the sonos system.(2 play 3's upstairs,2 play 5's and a sonos sub downstairs) I am now on the verge of buying  the playbar.My panasonic TH50pz80 does not have a optical out so i'm going to have to use a switch of some kind and connect it direct from skyhd box and direct to my panny bd player(cyd stuff looks interesting) I have little knowledge of toslinks,switces etc so would welcome some advice bearing in mind I need 2. cost is a cosideration but value for money more so.

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RE: optical cable questions.

How many products do you have running to your TV? It can be done without to much drama but there might be a few things to look out for depending on what you are running. 

Drop a reply with an equipment list and we can see if we can work out how your can get all the audio you want to the playbar.

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RE: optical cable questions.

The Panasonic TH-50PZ80 has an optical out on the rear panel.


It is labelled Digital Audio Out just above the component in.

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