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Media PC Uniiversal Remote

I've got an Acer Idea 510 media PC and i'm looking to upgrade the standard remote so that i can loose the other 4 that control my PX70, yamaha amp and play station 3. It seems like the logitech harmony range are the ones to go for but i haven't been able to test many of them out in stores. Does anyone know where stocks them so i can see them in the flesh?

Also i know the 680 model (now discountinued) was billed as the 'media pc' remote but i'm guessing the newer 780, 880 etc will control my PC as well? If anyone is using any of these then your advice would be very welcomed.


Thanks Troy

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Re: Media PC Uniiversal Remote

You will have to keep PS3 control as it uses bluetooth, that is if you have the official sony one.

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