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HELP PLEASE - iPhone 3Gs and Onyko dsa3

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, I searched but could find an existing thread.

I have an Onyko 606 reciever and an iPhone 3Gs and whated to know if the Onyko dsa3 dock will support the iPhone. It's not listed.

I contact the support desk at Onyko Europe and got the following response:-

thank you very much for your message and your interest in ONKYO products.
You have reached the support/help desk for ONKYO Europe.
Unfortunately the UP-A1 is only fitting for the newer av-receivers with an
"universal port".

Maybe can the newest DS-A3 any functions of the i-phone?

Unfortunately the i-phone is not listed in the compatible list.
We have no experience here. Please if it possible check this at your ONKYO
Please see this link: 
On Page „5“you can find compatible i-pod.

So not to much help there, but nice to get a response.

 Anyone out there know the answer?