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HDMI Splitter/Switch - Advice needed

I'm after some suggestions please...

Currently, I have a PS3, which outputs to a Panasonic TX-P42G10 

Having added a new TV to the house, a Panasonic TX-P46GT30, I ran all the cabling back to my 'media cupboard' so I didn't have unsightly peripherals on view below the TV.

I now need to split the signal from the HDMI output on the PS3, so it will feed both TV's

In the future, I may well add another peripheral with an HDMI output, so I need to be mindful of future proofing

So, over to you guys, what has anybody used?

Recommendations welcome!





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RE: HDMI Splitter/Switch - Advice needed

I use one of these. Its a bit pricer than some at £29.95 but I wanted one that was compatible with blu-ray and 3D, and at the time not many were labelled as such.




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