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harmony One

bit sad really,I can't get the old battery out of my Harmony One,any tips please(usefull ones)


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RE: harmony One

It sounds like the li-ion battery has swollen, you may need to take the remote apart to get it out.  Cant think of any other reason for it sticking?


Dont forget, it does have a two year warrenty, how long ago did you buy it?  

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RE: harmony One

I had the same problem and the battery wouldn't stay charged for more than day. I used a biro pen top to lift the swollen battery up and out. Logitech replaced the battery within 3 days under the 2 year warranty.

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RE: harmony One

thank you both,the battery had swelled up quite a lot,about 20 to 25 % at the thickest point.

levered it up a notch with small screwdriver and used point of very sharp knife to slide it out

should be ok for another 2 years

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