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Goldring NS-1000 headphones

Hi, I read on the forum ( dated Feb 2009) that Play.Com were doing Goldring NS 1000s for £49.99 if you proceeded to the check out and used a code. On the off chance that they were maybe still doing the deal ( 7 months later) I went on to PLAY.COM and lo and behold they are still selling them at the £49.99 price without the need for a code. The only thing is, you need to sign up to PLAY.COM... which I've just done. My transanction went through no bother.

If you do do this, watch out you don't buy two pairs as the box with amount said two  instead of the one. A quick cilck on the button and the amount went to one.

I will keep you posted on the delivery outcome. I'm quite chuffed.


Cheers, Ian