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Free Headphones!

 Got my free Goldring GX200 from  what hifi yesterday, oh my god! How naff are they? I treated myself to a pair of Ultimate earphones super.fi 5 pro last year, guessing that since the basic ones in what hifi got a 5star review then buying the more expensive ones would give me better results. But apart from a pair of Sennheiser CX300 which i didnt like (too much vibration traveled up the wires if you touched them or they rubbed on something) i had no comparison. So got the subscription and free goldrings I new they were 5star originally but were demoted to 3star, the bass is distorted and the midrange is seriously lacking. Now im no expert but i even got my free i-pod headphones out and they are a better listen! If i had actually paid money i would have been gutted. At least it proved that my ultimate earphones are fine in-ear headphones. Ah  well can always give them to someone i dont like as a present.