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Etymotic hf2 Headphones

Hey Gang! 

Bought these yesterday after having a little read about them and though well why not treat myself to a new set a good headphones......

Well bought them got them home after opening them up (took a while) and setting them up properly with the different buds you get, I finally plugged them in and played a track and was extremely disappointed there was no bass and it just sound very top end and tinny. But after read an "Instruction Manual" of how to actually put them in properly you need to insert them into your ear canal (Fully) and after i done this.... The difference was unreal! Sounded amazing so for anyone looking for a new (good) pair of headphones for there iPhone (iPod, MP3) i would recommend these etymotic hf2 100%, just make sure you use the right ear buds or they do sound rubbish.