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BLOK Classix 3000 AV Stand

Hi, does anybody own, or previously owned one of these stands? It currently ticks all the boxes to house my equipment and future equipment. Only problem is, I can only ever seem to find 'stock' pictures. I would actually like to see one with actual equipment inside.

I know a fellow forum member 'strapped for cash' mentioned on a previous post he ended up buying one. If I am luck enough for you to read this SFC...could you please upload a picture if you get some free time.

The unit is selling for £699, but I am able to get it for £540. It seems like a lot of stand for that price. It features a Central speaker compartment with acoustic cloth, will this be okay to house a B&W m1 speaker? I know it's quite low down, I don't want to lose any central speaker!

Thanks for looking guys!