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Atacama Cuatro 120

Does anyone own this AV rack?

I'm interested in an AV rack with an LCD mount to get the wall mount look without having to make big holes in my plaster board!

Saw this rack on the AV4home site at around £200 (after a 5% discount) with space for 4 pieces of equipment below. 

Does it sound any good? I've seen that the Equinox range repeatedly gets good reviews.

There's a similar rack produced by Alphason but it looks pretty clunky.

I was also considering the Q acoustics Q-AV surround set-up and it looks like there is space for the front soundbar to mount below the screen on the Atacama Cuatro rack. Has anyone done this?

 Thanks for any replies.


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Re: Atacama Cuatro 120


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Re: Atacama Cuatro 120

Bought this stand from av4home (ad in back of magazine) for just under £200 with free delivery.

It comes flat packed so you have to put it together yourself.

Quite a fiddly thing to put together on your own as a lot of the steps require holding a metal piece in position whilst inserting screws from holes below. I would recommend getting someone to help as it took me nearly two hours!

The build quality is OK, but I found that there were some loose bits of metal inside some of the struts (from where the holes had been drilled) which took a while to shake out.

If you're buying this, I would also mention that the supplied plate that covers the wires running up the centre pillar may not fit once your TV is in place (as was the case with my Sony 40W4000). Also, the centre pillar is positioned right in the middle of the base, so the TV does not sit directly against a back wall (if you wanted the wall-mount look).

Otherwise it looks pretty smart and matches in with most modern piano black TVs. I have four pieces of equipment on the shelves and my centre speaker on the base.

On another note, I think it would be possible to mount a soundbar directly below the TV (such as Q-AV) with a modified bracket or something.


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