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Alessandro MS1

Having thought hard about getting another set of headphones to go with my Grado60s, as I would like to have a pair at work, I decided to buy the Alessandro MS1's.  I orderded the headphones on line from Alessandro and on the sixth day they arrived direct from the States $99 including postage, WOW what service.  The main question are they as good or better than the Grados, answer, yes without a doubt.  I did run them in continuously for 48hrs, as I had done with the 60s, then I did comparison listening with both and the overall sound with the MS1's is amazing in all departments. Please WHF team get hold of a pair and do a test comparison with the Grados and I think, no I know that we will have a new knig on the block, if you can't get hold of a pair I would be more than willing to lend you mine.



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Re: Alessandro MS1

Hi, I was on the upgrade path as well and got myself a pair of Alessandro MS 2's as I have a pair of Grado 60's and I second what you're saying , lets have some tests done.

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