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0.5m HDMI lead

Hi Im having difficulty finding a half meter hi-speed HDMI lead,does any one have any suggestions.
Many thanks...

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Re: 0.5m HDMI lead

WHF were giving one away as a subscription gift not long ago, I think it was a Chord or Van den Hul, trying looking for either of those brands.

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Re: 0.5m HDMI lead

Chord and QED do 0.5m lengths. As does Wireworld and VDH.

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Re: 0.5m HDMI lead

Bluejeanscables.co.uk also sell them at various lengths, there is also a brilliant FAQ on HDMI there, which is worth a read.

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RE: Re: 0.5m HDMI lead

[EDITED BY MODS and user banned for flagrant house rules breaches]

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Re: 0.5m HDMI lead

abby65, please see the House Rules, and in particular rule 9.

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