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Where have the blogs gone?

I still want to access the old blogs occasionally.

I can track some down using a Google search because I happen to remember the author and the subject. But what if someone wanted to browse or search the blogs?  What about the 'how to' articles or 'industry insider' features?  I know where they are by using  Google searches (I remember the necessary keywords in a lot of cases) but they are not findable, navigable or searchable within the site.

Some of these important gems should not be 'buried' or left to the user to page forward hundreds of pages in the news section in the vain hope of accidently finding what they wanted.



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They have been subsumed into

They have been subsumed into News.  I know we had this discussion last time round as to whether that should happen, but I think ended up leaving the site as close to a 'copy' of the old one as possible.  I used to agree with the sentiment, but I cannot now see how to filter news stories by category (How To, Opinion etc) to filter down to particular types of stories, which would work a bit better I think.

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