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RE: What's happened to the site?

IME, compared to the old site, the new works very well with Safari, whether attached to OS X or iOS Smile   

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RE: What's happened to the site?

Diamond Joe wrote:

Diamond Joe wrote:

Well it looks alright, but it's not loading fully, I have blank boxes across the top of the screen where the home, news, forum etc. tabs are.

Plus it just lost my first reply.

Plus, why has my old avatar reappeared??

Edit, Seems to load alright in IE and Firefox, but not Chrome.

Aha, just noticed the tab title problem has cleared, that's good, thanks, whatever you did at WHF HQ.

My avatar seems to be jumping around a bit though, one day it's Dani Pedrosa the next it's Casey Stoner - wierd  :?


Nope, I was a bit quick off the mark there, the tab titles have vanished again, might have to give up on Chrome.

Batten down the hatches, there's a storm coming.


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